Tow Bridles for use in Paraglider towing

Before using any of our bridles, or even a bridle that may be a poor quality knock off of our product, please follow the link to reach our Safety and instructions page, for clarifications on the safe use of manufactured bridles. This information is applicable to most bridle types used for paraglider towing and contains information vital to your safety. It has some wonderful illustrated examples of how NOT to use a tow bridle as well and the knowledge gained may keep you, or a buddy out of trouble. Click here to download the PARAGLIDING TOW BRIDLE SAFETY PAGE DOCUMENT

Towing is one of the easiest ways to get high with a paraglider. At we all tow actively from both land based vehicles and boats over the water. We've been towing since the early days of the sport, and back then it was always frustrating to us to try to find a reliable source of well made, quality tow bridles, as well as numerous other items required to tow safely.

After testing many different models, and seeking advice from very active tow pilots in the industry, we developed what is quite possibly the best split apart style tow bridle in the world. Constructed using the finest structural materials available, and sewn automatically on a computerized pattern tacking machine, each bridle is hand crafted to extremely high standards to give the discriminating buyer the best value for their had earned dollars.

By July, 2016 we had sold over 19,000 of this style tow bridle alone, worldwide.
To those just starting towing, you probably came to us on the recommendation of a friend, colleague, or instructor. If you’ve been towing for any length of time you’ve probably either used one of our bridles, or one of the many clone copies that incorporate some, but rarely all of the key features of our bridle.
Each of our bridles is sewn from Mil-Spec 1” nylon woven webbing. (Cheap copies use inferior polyester).

We use Stainless Steel or nickel plated hardware where required so our bridles stand up to repeated immersion in salt and fresh water, or around salty sand dunes. They can be machine or hand washed as required.

We’re one of the few manufactures that uses a curved release pin. Straight pins (especially those held closed with a spring or bungee) have a nasty habit of re-securing the closing loop after they spring back into place under light line tensions. This often causes a failure to release which is dangerous to the pilot who may then turn and run downwind, while still secured to the towline.

We’re one of the few manufactures that uses a computerized pattern tacker to sew out every one of the critical stitched areas on our tow bridles. Most manufactures only use a much less expensive manually operated straight stitch (needle feed, walking foot, or compound feed) sewing machine to sew out their components. Structurally it’s not hard to compute how many stitches you need to create a failsafe stitch, allowing for a safety factor. You multiply the number of stitches by the strength of the thread to arrive at the proper number. With a manual machine, however it requires considerably more operator skill. They would need to sew the exact same number of stitches, in the same place, with the same pattern to achieve the same level of safety. It’s simply not possible. We chose the computerized system, simply because it always places the exact number of stitches in exactly the correct placement, each and every time. Nothing is more important to us than the safety of the pilots involved.

We’re so proud of our product that each and every genuine tow bridle has a logo tag sewn on it. If you don't see the sewn logo, you don't have one of our bridles.


In order to keep our prices low, we have elected to manufacture tow bridles in any color... as long as you choose black. Individual tow bridles are only available in this color.

For schools or commercial operators who elect to loan out equipment to students and need to quickly differentiate a school or customer bridle we also offer the bridles in bright pink. Pink bridles are only sold to schools or training facilities and require a minimum purchase of 5 bridles. We chose pink so it is readily visible to the students at towing events as they pack up their gear to leave the event. Schools have a tough enough time without students walking off with their tow gear. Most schools and clubs mark their bridles with a Sharpie marker identifying their school. It’s kind of an unwritten rule that if you should up at another SIV clinic with another schools tow bridle you might expect to get dunked in the lake so the bridle can be returned to the proper owner. It’s a small community and we all look out for each other.

Special colors and custom embroidery are available for an additional charge, and require minimum order quantities. Contact us for details.