Spectra Towline

At TowMeUp.com we use Spectra towlines exclusively, since experience has shown us that this product gives the best compromise between performance and cost. To ensure that we have the highest quality line available, we have our Spectra towlines custom manufactured for us to very specific requirements from a Honeywell patented Performance Product originally made for the Department of Defense. All of our lines are made from UHMW PE/Spectra 1000 fibers to a specific MIL-SPEC, continuously woven with no splices on the roll, and then urethane coated for better wear characteristics and longer life given the UV exposure this product is expected to withstand. Each shipment of line received has been independently tested to ensure the elongation and strengths meet our specifications, and then we destructively test samples to failure at our facility as well. Because of the unique requirements of both Payout or Static (Scooter type) towing, we have 2 different styles of line manufactured for us.
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