Bearing Housing - Nut - available with or without seal


Winch Tracking Head - Upper Bearing Housing Nut/Seal assembly

This is the entire upper head swivel bearing housing nut and seal assembly that comes typically comes with our tracking head tube / line guide. It is available as a separate part and fits perfectly on our 2” bearing housing. For those who expose the upper tracking head assembly to rain and or salt spray, this cap provides a press fit for a seal, making it easy to swap out in the future.

The bearing housing itself is made from 303 series Stainless steel. The seal recess is designed to fit a 1” diameter ID, x 2” diameter OD seal, available from any decent bearing supply house.

If you pack the upper bearing housing assembly with grease before assembly, and use a seal in this nut, the grease should ooze out from the seal during installation. This leaves the bearing cavity full of grease, and prevents water infiltration. Your bearings will last a very long time, even in a marine environment. In fact we haven’t changed the upper bearings yet in Nightmare, after many thousands of tows and 11+ years of towing.