Paraglider Tow Bridle - Solo - Split Apart Style - Pink 6 Pack for schools and clubs only



Solo Paraglider Tow Bridles - 6 Pack (for the price of a 5 pack)

Please Note that PINK Bridles are for Schools and Club use ONLY! 

Schools work hard enough to make ends meet, and when they sponsor clinics, often they end up losing several tow bridles. Now we're not saying that people keep them on purpose, but it's easy to forget to unhook a black bridle from your gear at the end of the day. To make them more obvious, we make them in pink and schools typically mark their names on them with a magic marker. Should they turn up at another tow clinic, particularly over the water, the boat operator is liable to dump the pilot in the water off launch, retrieve the bridal and return it to the rightful owner. The pilot gets to swim back to shore... So unless you're a school, you really don't want a pink bridle.

All the tow bridles sold by are made in house using the finest structural materials available, and sewn on a computerized pattern tacking machine designed to produce a consistently repeatable stitch pattern. Each bridle is hand crafted to extremely high standards to give the discriminating buyer the best value for their hard earned dollars.

In order to keep our prices low, we have elected to manufacture tow bridles in any color... as long as you choose black. Individual tow bridles are only available in this color. For schools or commercial operators who elect to loan out equipment to students and need to quickly differentiate a school or customer bridle we also offer the bridles in bright pink. Pink bridles are ONLY sold to schools or training facilities and require a minimum purchase of 5 bridles. Special colors and custom embroidery are available for an additional charge, and require minimum order quantities. Please contact us for details.

We offer discounts for schools and clubs based on our traditional buy 5 and we ship 6 or buy 10 and we ship 13 offer.

Please note that if you want a split order with pink and black bridles, you can choose the appropriate multiple order box, and in the check out notes you can specify how many of each color bridle you want. For example if you choose the buy 10 get 13 tow bridle combo pack, and want 6 pink and 7 black bridles, you can choose either 13 pack order and in the checkout box, under the notes section let us know that you want 6 pink and 7 black bridles and we’ll make it happen.