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Tandem Tow Bridles

NOTE - The pictures shown show a Tandem Tow Bridle hooked to a set of sewn spreader bars, as this is the most commonly used setup. The spreader bars ARE NOT included with the Tandem Tow Bridle, nor are the quick links used to attach the bridle to the spreader bar.

We have seen many people using our solo style tow bridles for tandem towing operations. This is an application that the bridle was never designed for, and even though the bridles are more than strong enough to handle the in flight loads, they are a poor choice. It is a seriously bad idea to give control of the release function of the tow bridle to a passenger, and expect them to function immediately if the need arises. It is far safer to put the release in the hands of the pilot who is capable and qualified to release (or not) in an emergency. 

Our Tandem Bridle is designed to attach to the front of a pair of spreader bars, with the release loop attached to the pilot’s main hook in carabiner. The tubular webbing that protects the release loop is velcroed to the spreader bar to keep things need and tidy. We supply sewn Velcro closures to facilitate the tidy attachment of our bridle to your equipment. The release closure grommet is reinforced to withstand the additional tow forces imposed by tandem towing activities, to allow for long service life.

Our Tandem Style Tow Bridles are ONLY sold to QUALIFIED PILOTS who have a USHPA tandem authorization, (or foreign equivalent) or are under the direct supervision of a qualified tandem instructor. Please do not order them if you are not qualified to legally perform tandem flight operations.

These tandem bridles incorporate a more appropriate method of connecting the bridle to set or rigid, or soft sewn spreaders. They can even be used with our custom aluminum rigid tandem spreaders if you are lucky enough to have qualified for a pair.  They allow the release loop to be located directly at the pilot’s main hook-in carabiner. They don’t have any provision for a tow assist, simply because this feature is unavailable on a tandem glider. Tandem gliders typically use trimmers to adjust their speed range, rather than a foot activated speed system. These bridles incorporate reinforcement around the grommet and utilize a deeper, stronger grommet to prevent ripping the closure loop grommet through the webbing. Unlike our solo bridles, these are made in much smaller production quantities, and while we try to keep them in stock at all times, they may be unavailable for immediate shipment. In most cases though, they will ship either immediately, or within a week from the order date. We suggest that you plan ahead if you will require a tandem bridle and place your order early to avoid disappointment.

The most common tandem spreader bar in use today is a rigid sewn version made from 2” wide webbing with a hang loop for the pilot, a reserve bridle loop, a main Glider hook in loop, and a pair of passenger loops near the front. Our tandem bridle is designed to attach to the second set of the front 2 loops, while the passenger hooks into the front loops.

The best method of attachment is to use a pair of trapezoidal quick links to cleanly transition from the 1” webbing of the tow bridle to the 2” webbing of the spreader bar. This is a great application for those cheesy plated steel trapezoidal quick links that ship with a lot of paraglider harnesses to shoulder mount your reserve bridle. We always replace the plated steel links with Stainless Steel links because they are far more reliable and twice as strong for the same weight. As an attachment method, the strength isn’t much of an issue. We ONLY carry Stainless Steel versions of the trapezoidal links, simply because we don’t ever want to be able to make the mistake of substituting a much less reliable connector that may find itself in a reserve application.


If you are using a soft sewn spreader in the lightweight style (like a Thin Red Line, etc.) you can generally use a 5/32” diameter 1” rectangular quick link. For our aluminum rigid spreaders, the 3/16” stainless oval link is a fine choice. Either way, you will generally need a pair of quick links to attach your Tandem Tow Bridle to a set of spreader bars.