Spectra Towline - 1000' x 1100# minimum tensile test


The payout winches designed by TowMeUp.com are carefully balanced systems so that the line drag caused by paying out more towline is offset by the increased torque of the reducing line diameter on the payout drum hub. This means that once the tow tension is set after launch it rarely needs to be modified for the duration of the tow. The towline used is very specific to achieve the balance, in that it must occupy a specific volume on the drum, as well as meet the strength requirements essential for safety. Our winches are designed to hold 5500 feet of 1100 pound test Spectra towline. The payout winch line is supplied with 500 feet of red urethane coating, then 4500 feet of clear urethane coating, and finally another 500 feet of red urethane coating, for a total of 5500 feet. The coating protects the line from UV exposure, and the red coloring makes it easy for the tow operator to know when the pilot is topping out on tow, without suddenly running out of line at the end of the drum. Coating both ends of the line red makes it easier when installing new line on your drum hubs, since the line can be wound on from either end. This line is a hollow braid rectangular line with dimensions about 0.055" x 0.100". In use it typically twists after a few tows and becomes aerodynamically more efficient and allows higher tows. It is very easy to splice and finger trap. We produce a custom aluminum splicing Fid for this line that makes splicing very fast and simple. If you order this line, please choose a #5 splicing fid or a #5 shoe fid.

After several years, you may wish to replace the end of your line, or replace sections that have gone missing or become damaged through use. To make this easier, we also carry our 1100 pound test Spectra Payout Towline in 1000’ long spools. They are wound with 500’ clear coated, and 500 feet red urethane coated.