Spectra Towline - 3000' x 1400# minimum tensile test


Due to the need to help support those customers who purchased one of our originally built 21 scooter tows, and the large community of pilots who have developed their own stationary winch systems, we have now made arrangements to have a special version of our line put up for us that meets the unique needs of a scooter or stationary tow operator tow operator. To this end, we have made available a stronger line that is a bit more robust than our normal payout towline. Most scooter tows have no problem accommodating a 3000' spool of this line material. It has a 1400 Pound tensile strength and is woven from continuous filaments of series 1000 Spectra line with a red and blue tracer, then urethane coated for abrasion and UV resistance.  This line takes the same amount of raw material to braid as a 5500’ spool of our 1100# test product. We try to stock it in 3000’ lengths, but often times it comes to us in a range from 3000’ - 3500’. Please call us before ordering and we will verify the current lengths in stock and set a spool aside for you. The most commonly available lengths are noted in the images below. We try to keep the order page current.If you click on the link and you see a buy button, it means that it's in stock. If the item notes that the product is currently unavailable, then it's not in stock, although it may be in transit to us on a standard restock order. You can always call, or fire us off an email to verify. All orders are sold and shipped on a first come, first served basis, and we don't keep a huge inventory of this product on the shelf.

We produce a custom aluminum splicing Fid for this line that makes splicing very fast and simple. If you order this line, please choose a #6 splicing fid or a #6 shoe fid.