Tracking Head Tube Assembly


Winch Tracking Head - Tube assembly

This is the entire Tracking Head Tube Assembly that comes mounted on a stock hydraulic winch. It includes the lower line guide and pulley, as well as the complete stainless steel upper head swivel assembly. It is available as a separate part and can easily be clamped or welded to most any system. The tube is made from 3/16” thick A36 steel and is designed to provide just the proper amount of flex, when used with our TowMeUp system in a land, or marine towing environment.

Many people buy this to add as an upgrade to their existing system, or weld it to a receiver tube to use as a turn-around pulley in stationary winch (scooter tow) applications.

NOTE - We do not encourage, or recommend the use of turn-around pulleys in any towing application. There are unforeseen circumstances that may arise in any towing application, and turn-around pulleys eliminate the ability of the winch operator to sever the line that runs directly to the pilot in the event of an emergency.