Tree Rescue Kit


Tree Self Rescue Kits - Individual Kits

Our Tree Self Rescue kits have been designed to work in self rescue from most trees typically found in a 2nd growth forest. They include detailed instructions, a carry bag, 103 feet of 6mm perlon designed for self rescue applications, and a Stainless Steel quick link. Cheap insurance that you won't be left hanging around if circumstances conspire against the best of intentions. If you find yourself planning a trip over really tall timber, we can make up a special kit with substantially longer cordage and a larger carry bag.

Our earlier tree kits based on a Yates Belay Device worked very well, but they were very expensive to produce, and were sold with virtually no profit margin, making it impossible to pass on the complete kit to dealers, schools, instructors, and pilot groups. We had a better idea for a device and constructed several prototypes, but we never put them into production until Stuart Caruk designed a custom tool for another project that enabled us to cut the full radiused contours on the inside and outside of the tool in one shot, making these devices economical to produce. These devices are built entirely in house on our own CNC machines, and independently tested to verify their structural integrity. This LetMeDown device has been designed to work well with 6mm perlon, and in certain military applications, 3, 5, or 6mm Technora line. Please note that We don’t recommend using this device with anything smaller than 6mm perlon, and we prefer to use the higher tensile 6mm cordage stocked at