Winch Drum / Flywheel assembly


Winch drum / Flywheel assembly

This is the same winch drum supplied with any of our TowMeUp hydraulic winch systems, and also used in many military installations worldwide on their line retrieval systems.

If you have your won winch and are tired of the drum falling off the shaft, or spinning loose, or solution is the perfect solution. It is designed to mount directly to the hydraulic motor used in our winch systems via a taper lock nub. This hub utilizes a keyway and a tapered bore. When the outer pair of setscrews are tightened, the taper becomes tight. To remove the drum at a later date, you simply need to loosen these setscrews and screw in a ½” - 13 TPI setscrew to “Pop” the taper apart, and the drum assembly will easily slide off the shaft.

The drum sides are waterjet cut from ¼” thick 6061 T6 marine aluminum for strength and rigidity. The center pins impart the strength required to the drum, and allow for the line to self drain when used in over the water towing applications. The mass of the drum is designed to smooth out the tows through its flywheel effect. This is one of the reasons why a tow behind a TowMeUp winch system is so smooth from the pilots perspective.

The drum come completely assembled, trued and balanced, ready to slide onto your 1” diameter shaft.

NOTE - other bore sizes up to 2” are easily achieved by using a different hub adapter that is readily available at any decent sprocket supply house, worldwide.