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About Us


TowMeUp.com built the Worlds First Dual Hydraulic winch equipped, Aluminum hulled Jetboat seen here operated by our founder, Stuart Caruk.

TowMeUp.com is an industry leader. Co-located with a full blown CNC manufacturing facility that makes aerospace, medical, defense, sawmill, and of course Paraglider Towing Equipment, TowMeUp.com makes some of the finest equipment available worldwide. With hundreds of winches and thousands of tow bridles delivered, we're here to support you, or get you started successfully in paraglider towing. We also make an assortment of unique tools and equipment that you may find useful. 


A leader in Hydraulic Hybrid Winch systems that support Payout, Payin (stationary towing), and Tension controlled Static towing.

With over 600 winches in use worldwide, quite possibly the most popular Hydraulic Winch available, built by TowMeUp.com


Don't get left hanging around

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About Us

TowMeUp.com is Recognized Worldwide

TowMeUp.com was the first, and currently the only Hydraulic Winch supplier approved by FAI for towing equipment used in the International Air Games

Simply the Safest tow system available

Whether you are Stationary (Payin) Towing, Payout towing,  Tension Controlled Static towing, or Hybrid Towing using a combination of all 3 types in a single tow... A TowMeUp system is designed to ensure that a preset maximum tow force can not be exceeded.

YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF and your family to use the safest tow system available

Come take a tow with us, our one of our winch owners and you'll see why we have sold more tow systems than many other manufacturers combined


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We love our customers, and we love to see you, but,  it's hard to tell whether we will be manufacturing products in our shop, or out towing at the lake. Since we work with clients worldwide, our hours vary. Please call or email us for an appointment, and we can typically be available 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.


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